3 Gift Ideas for Tweens by a Tween

New tween-age styles come and go, but these 3 things will be perfect gifts for a tween/ teen girl! I know because I myself am a tween.  My name is Mallory and my dad made me write this (haha, JK...sort of)

Tween-age-dom is awesomely amazing, and Pop Sockets, cellphone cases, and cute socks will make your life filled with colorful happiness and unicorns!

Pop Sockets

  Pop Sockets stick to the back of your cell phone case for an easy grip so you never have to drop your phone on your face ever again!

Cell Phone Cases

  Cell phone cases are what every girl on the planet wants, so come and check out the colorful selection we have here!

Emoji Socks

  And finally, who doesn't like socks? Socks are a girl's best friend (not really....) but what's not to love? These cute socks come in many different styles.  And since we're talking about cell phone cases and Pop Sockets, what goes better with those than these awesome 3D Emoji socks!

That's our list of 3 Gift Ideas for Tweens by a Tween at Dollar Bender.  If you'd like to see more, please check out our Cellphone and Accessories page as well as our entire collection of socks for more great gift ideas for tweens.

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