3 Magnetic Phone Charger Cables To Save Time and Money

3 Magnetic Phone Charger Cables To Save Time and Money

magnetic charging cables photo of phone ports  Nothing is worse than plugging in your iPhone , iPad, or Android and not seeing the battery symbol light up.  "Another broken cable?"  Or worse, "Have I broken my phone's port?"    Charge cables for phones are now cheap and widely available but the new type of magnetic charging cables might save you time and money.

While magnetic phone chargers may not be the most glamorous of items for a fashion blog, we are certainly noticing a trend in their popularity.  This means that if you don't want to be left out in the cold with no phone juice, now might be a good time to look into getting a magnetic charger for your iPhone or Android.


Benefits of a Magnetic Charging Cable

What is cool about these chargers is that the magnetic connector stops the bending and eventual breaking of your phone cable at the crucial point in which the cable connects to your Android iPhone, or iPad.  If the bend is too stressful at the point where your cable meets your phone, the magnet just releases.  Also, you will no longer risk breaking your cable's pins or the internal workings of your phone's connection because you'll be avoiding the constant plug/unplug by using the new magnetic connection.  The magnets just snap into place.

Magnetic Phone Charger Connection Types

magnetic charging cableThere are 3 major connection types for phones these days.  While others exist, these three will cover a large majority of phone connection types in which magnetic charging cables are available.

Magnetic Lightning Cable

 Apple iPhones now use a lighting cable to charge, a proprietary connection used only in Apple products like iPads.  They're very nice because there isn't a right or wrong way to connect them, unlike USB cables.  By picking yourself up a magnetic lighting cable, you'll also now be able to quickly and easily "plug in" your phone without risking damaging the pins inside your phone or breaking the cable's connection itself.

Magnetic Micro USB Cable

 On the Android side, your phone will most likely use a micro usb cable connection.  As popularity of the magnetic charging cables increases, finding a magnetic usb cable to fit your phone has now become easy.  The problem of having to connect the cable the "right way" is now solved by the magnetic micro USB cable.  Users also really enjoy both the quick connect and quick release of the magnets.

Magnetic USB C Charging Cable

 Some of the newest Android phones on the market are using a new type of USB connector called a USB C.  This connection claims to charge faster than micro USB.  You can now get magnetic USB C cables for your phone.  Much like the magnetic lighting cables for iPhones, the magnetic USB  C cable doesn't have a right or wrong way to connect.

Here's a cool video I found on YouTube that shows the cables in action.  It shows my favorite part of these cables, the ability to use just one cable but plug in to any device!  Check it out: 


That is our rundown of the 3 popular Magnetic Phone Charger Cables to help you Save Time & Money.  Hopefully, whether you're looking for magnetic phone chargers for iPhones, Androids, Lighting, Micro USB, or even USB C connectors, you'll now know the difference and can get the right cable for your needs.   For more information, feel free to check out Dollar Bender's Cell phone Cases and Accessories collection.  

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