An Essential Guide to Trendy Scarves For Women

An Essential Guide to Trendy Scarves For Women

Women's fashion scarves aren't just about keeping you warm in the winter.  These days trendy scarves are a fashion staple.  Whether you're looking for a long silk scarf, evening scarf, wool blanket scarf, or women's infinity scarves, you've come to the right place.  While scarf fashion seems to be heavily focused on scarves for women, scarves for men have become more fashionable recently.  We will write a blog post featuring mens scarf options in the near future.

The  "ladies neck scarf" world can sometimes be confusing.  Not only are there a variety of materials used to make women’s scarves, there are also a lot of names that are confusing.  Some of the classifications of scarves that are somewhat confusing are:

  • shawl
  • blanket scarf
  • infinity scarf
  • pashmina wrap
  • neck scarf
  • headscarf
  • hair scarf
  • snood scarf
  • cashmere wrap
  • cowl scarf

First let's discuss some of the more popular scarf fabrics.  Cashmere scarves, pashmina scarves, wool scarves, alpaca scarves, silk chiffon scarves, and linen scarves.

Cashmere Scarf

  A Cashmere Scarf is made from wool spun from goats that is usually finer and softer than traditional sheep's wool.  It is light, strong, soft, and offers better insulation qualities than sheep's wool.

Pashmina Scarf

A Pashmina scarf is made from a type of fine cashmere wool and, according to Wikipedia, it comes from just four distinct breeds of Cashmere goat from northern India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Wool Scarf

  A wool scarf is made from material usually obtained from sheep, wool is a thick and warm fiber made from the curly hair of sheep, goats or similar animals.  Wool is spun into yarn and is used to make a variety of textiles.

Alpaca Scarf

An Alpaca scarf is made from the wool of an alpaca.  These animals look like a super fuzzy llama and normally live in South America.

Linen Scarf

  A linen scarf is made from linen, which is a cloth woven from flax.  Linen doesn't stretch and is known for being durable and strong, yet light and soft.

Silk Chiffon scarf

  A silk chiffon scarf is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers like polyester or rayon.  They are very thin and somewhat transparent.  This very light fiber makes for a thin, flowing scarf.

Now that we know some of the popular fabrics for scarves, let's take a moment and discuss the differences and show you some examples of each scarf type to help you make the right decision on what to add to your wardrobe.

Infinity Scarf

  An Infinity scarf is a connected loop, a circle of material that has no end like you would imagine a traditional scarf from your childhood, and is draped around your neck.

Blanket Scarf

  A blanket scarf is a scarf that is large enough to be used as a blanket but is used as a scarf draped around your neck instead.  Often referred to as an oversized blanket scarf, blanket scarves can be very warm and comforting.


A shawl can come in many shapes and is worn either across your shoulders or on your head and shoulders in place of a coat and/or hat.  Warm shawls and wraps are usually worn in the cooler months.

Head scarf or hair scarf

  A headscarf or hair scarf is worn on the head and is sometimes folded and usually tied.  This type of scarf will cover a woman's head and hair but will leave her face uncovered.  These can be referred to a a hijab in the Muslim community.

Snood scarf or cowl scarf

A snood scarf is a scarf in the shape of a tube similar to an infinity scarf but is usually made of thicker yard.  The difference is that a snood scarf is often large enough and loose enough to be pulled over your head like a hood.  A snood scarf will sit higher on your shoulders and neck, while an infinity scarf is draped lower around your neck.

Scarf patterns

There are a ton of scarf patterns to discuss including Paisley, butterfly, striped, printed...we’ll cover scarf patterns in a future post.

Thank you for reading the Dollar Bender Essential Guide to Trendy Scarves For Women.  We hope you’ve found this information useful.  Feel free to visit our Scarves Collection for more information.

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