Hi!  My name is Corby Bender.  I'm a programmer by day, artist in my downtime, and a daddy to 3 great kids that keep me busy.  I've spent years working in technology and on the web and have learned a lot about e-commerce, marketing, social media, customer service, and product selection.

I decided to open up DollarBender.com to provide quality products and reasonable prices.  With input from my friends and coworkers, and extensive product research, I believe I have a nice array of products that are not only inexpensive, but of great quality and of interest to a wide range of customers.  I'm constantly expanding my product catalog to offer more and more fun, unique, and beautiful products that cater to those interested in fashion, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and fun things like socks with smiley face emoji's on them...yes, that's a thing.

I've been using this website to teach my kids about responsibility, hard work, the value of a dollar, and more.  They've watched me pick products, work with the templates, spend hours on analytics, and get super excited when things go right.  They've also learned that once in a blue moon, something goes wrong and it's my job to make it right for the customer.  My 12-year-old has guest blogged and my 9-year-old has helped pick products she thinks the customers would like!

So basically, I'm just an every day guy having a great time running this website, interacting with my customers, and always trying to add more cool products you might enjoy.  No robots, no outsourced call center;  If you fill out the contact form, I read it.  If you have questions, I answer them.  If something isn't right, I will make it right. 

DollarBender.com is based out of Omaha, Nebraska USA and I offer product delivery to nearly every corner of the globe.  I source products from a variety of locations and I do try to provide products that I can give tracking information on.    Thank you for visiting my store.  If you have suggestions for a product, please fill out the Contact Us form and I'll see if I can find the product for you at a great price!


Me floating above Chicago!

(Bucket List Item complete...Glass Floor Walkout at the Willis Tower in Chicago...never again.)




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