6 Things You Need To Start Yoga A Beginner's Guide

6 Things You Need To Start Yoga A Beginner's Guide

Practicing Yoga to be more healthy and active is a great idea. There are a variety of health benefits of yoga including:

  • Yoga can help improve your energy levels and improve breathing
  • Yoga helps maintain a balanced metabolism
  • Increasing your flexibility
  • Cardio health can help with weight loss
  • Increasing your muscle strength helping to tone your body

You don't need to join a gym or yoga studio to begin your yoga journey.  With just a few items you can do yoga at home and see incredible results.  

A program

While there are a lot of options out there, the Yoga Burn program seems to be at the top of everyone's must-have list.  Dollar Bender has partnered with Yoga Burn to bring you a limited time incredible deal. Have a look!

Now that you've got the perfect program, there are a few other items you'll need to make sure you're set for your yoga journey.

Yoga Block

When starting out in yoga, you may want to look into getting a yoga block, which is a foam block that can be used to help beginners get into various positions. As you progress through your yoga journey, you will likely no longer need a yoga block or straps to help you.

Yoga Belt

Yoga belts or straps are used when aligning your posture into various poses. They help provide additional support and will often help your stretches be more effective and deeper.

Yoga Mat

Most yoga mats are made from hardy PVC foam, which makes them flexible but sturdy. They come in a variety of thicknesses and colors. The point of the yoga mat is to make it comfortable for you to get into positions while on the floor, reducing the impact of your body on the hard ground.


You're going to get sweaty, even if you're not doing the "hot yoga", or Bikram yoga. As a beginner, you'll likely need to towel off. While there are a variety of yoga specific towels on the internet, you should be just fine with a regular towel as you learn whether or not yoga is for you.


You've likely already got the clothing you'll need to start yoga. Females will need leggings, possibly capri pants, and a sports bra. For men, a t-shirt and loose fitting shorts are about all you need to ensure you can get into poses and stretches without busting your seams.

Now that we discussed the health benefits of yoga, you have access to the top notch Yoga Burn program, we've covered the 6 Things You Need To Start Yoga and read our quick Beginner's Guide, you should have everything you need to begin your yoga journey.



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